Why Optimising Gut Health is the Key to Health and Happiness – Just Breathe Podcast

This summer, my incredible colleague and friend Georgie Lawlor, invited me to speak on the Just Breathe podcast. Georgie is a wonderful Breath Coach and Oxygen Advantage Master Instructor. Georgie helps individuals use the power of their breath to harness their bodies and minds.

We had a wonderful conversion about nutrition, stress and the importance of eating well. We talked about:

✨ How stress impacts digestion, and why you should practice mindful eating
✨ How gut health impacts mental health and chemical signalling via the vagus nerve to the brain
✨ The importance of eating well for your internal health, and not just for physical appearance
✨ Why optimising gut health is paramount for all health

On Just Breathe, we also busted a few diet myths 🤓 including:
🙅 Calories in not equalling calories out
🙅 The fact that veganism DOES NOT work for everybody

You can listen to the Just Breathe podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and on YouTube. I hope you enjoy listening, do let us know what you think!!


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