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Nutrition and Health Social Media Reels

With a previous career in digital marketing, I know how to create thought-provoking, industry-challenging Reels about health.

As a former Chartered Marketer, I know that content is king. Short-form video is my preferred medium as I love public speaking and punchy information. Communicating complex scientific concepts in easy-to-digest analogies is my forte. Just take a look at my Instagram @lauralamnutrition.

I worked as a Group Marketing Manager for 7 years, which started with me building a marketing department from scratch at the age of 22. I was also Food for the Brain Foundation’s Marketing and Communications Manager and in the words of Patrick Holford (CEO and Founder of FFB) – “you’ve put Food for the Brain back on the map”. In a nutshell, I understand how to build relationships with your clientele.

Let's create together

If your brand is in need of fun, easy-to-digest short-form video content i.e. Instagram reels, send me a message below with as much information as you can give me. Let’s create video content about:

  • Debunking health myths
  • Breaking down complex health concepts to make them easy to understand
  • The latest research and science in bitesized chunks
  • Foods to help with…
  • Foods to avoid
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Send me a message to find out about my content writing services. Please provide as much information as possible, i.e. the number of articles, the nature of the article and deadlines, so that I can tailor a solution to suit you.


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