Be Your Own Health Detective Masterclass

Be Your Own Health Detective Masterclass

A Functional Medicine Masterclass “Be Your Own Health Detective” to help you figure out what might be happening in your own body.

I know it can be an absolute minefield when it comes to navigating health, as there’s conflicting health advice on Google, social media and from different health practitioners or “health influencers”.

What to expect:

In this masterclass, I’ll be teaching you to ask the right questions to help you seek the right answers.

Topics covered:

  • Functional Medicine – a different perspective on healthcare
  • Inflammation, inflammation, inflammation.
  • It all starts in the gut…. no actually, the mouth
  • Chronic tiredness and insomnia
  • STRESS – how it can dysregulate the body
  • Recurrent infections – the microbiome
  • Mental health – it’s not always in your head
  • Skin – a map of your health
  • Hormones – your internal orchestra


What I aim to give you:

  • I aim to help you gain clarity as to what your body may be telling you with your symptoms.
  • I aim to empower you with understanding of why certain symptoms occur.
  • AND I aim to give you direction as to where to go next in your health journey.

I’ll be covering the fundamental “detective” methods I use to help figure out what might be at play when I have clients come to me. I’ll be doing a tour around the body to teach you how to spot signs and symptoms of certain imbalances, and then what to do afterwards.

Please do book in a free 30 minute call with me if you have questions about your health.

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