About Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is about determining HOW and WHY an illness occurs, and then restoring health by addressing the root cause for the individual.

My Nutritional Therapy practice is entirely based around the Functional Medicine school of thought. It’s a individualised and client centred approach, which utilises science and research to help find the root cause of a disease. I then use nutrition and lifestyle to help optimise wellness based on the information gathered.

This approach requires a detailed understanding of my clients’ health in aspects such as biochemistry, genetic factors, family history, diet, lifestyle, historical health problems. I may also utilise certain laboratory tests to help uncover more invaluable information, which may not be available through public and primary healthcare services.

The Framework

Functional Medicine

Rather than just focusing on the symptoms and the organ where your symptoms are manifesting, whether its digestive problems, hormone imbalances or a certain chronic illness, I look deeper into the roots of your health to find out why it's happening. Then I help you regain balance by addressing the roots.


Fantastic service working with Laura. Throughout the process of addressing my health concerns of high cortisol levels - she was patient, understanding and explained the benefits of certain food groups in laymen’s terms, as well as providing an effective supplement programme. She went above and beyond to ensure that my recommended nutrition programme was tweaked to accommodate my busy lifestyle and dietary preference needs. I would highly recommend working with her!

Divya J

Working with Laura has been life changing for my health. She has helped me uncover my Vitamin D deficiency, wheat intolerance and an imbalance of my gut bacteria. Based on her recommendations, I made additions to my diet that has helped me be healthier. I wholeheartedly recommend to everyone suffering from chronic ailments. Even if you don’t think it’s related to food, it’s likely that Laura will help you fix/alleviate the symptoms.

Melis S
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